July 2013 Budget

Before I get into what I bought this month, I feel like I should explain how this monthly budget came to be.

My husband and I have been students for our whole lives, so we’ve become accustomed to not having much money. Recently, in an attempt to cut costs, I didn’t buy any clothing for several months…which ended up not working out so well. My closet dwindled down to casual basics–jeans, shorts, and sandals, none of which could be considered “professional attire.”

So in an effort to gradually build up my wardrobe, I’ve given myself a modest clothing budget each month. I am hoping to stretch my allotted $150 as much as I can (without sacrificing fit, comfort, or quality) with some clever bargain hunting.

For the month of July, I identified a need for blazers. I feel like those will be a great layer not only to add structure to my outfits but also to add a bit of warmth–hospitals are usually pretty chilly in my experience. Not everything I bought this month is intended for wearing to work–I couldn’t resist buying a few “just for fun” casual pieces.

Slide1 Slide2

  1. jade + navy stretchy cardigan: $14, Old Navy
  2. black khaki pants: $14, Old Navy
  3. black + white patterned sweater: $15, Old Navy
  4. chambray popover shirt: $9, Old Navy
  5. 3 cotton polos (navy, green, and white): $8.50 each, Wal-Mart
  6. navy + white striped boatneck tee: $10, Forever 21
  7. cream bow belt: $5, Forever 21
  8. white skinny patent leather belt: $5, Forever 21
  9. navy skinny belt: $4, Forever 21
  10. black lace blazer: $20, Kohl’s
  11. blue + mint striped dress: $11, Kohl’s
  12. black + white pindot dress: $17, Kohl’s
  13. black + white print blouse: $10, Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx {not pictured}
  14. black + white polka dot pencil skirt: $15, Max Studio via TJ Maxx {not pictured}

I applied a $25 gift card for the Old Navy purchases, and I also sold about $7 worth of clothing.

All things considered, the final total was $150 on the dot! I’m pretty pleased with the results of my first month of having a clothing budget. I think the blazer, pants, and sweaters will serve me well in my new professional wardrobe.

I’m also proud of my bargain-hunting this month–if I had paid full price for all the items I purchased this month, the total would have been over $437!

What did you buy this month? Did you stay within budget?

I’m linking up with Fran’s Budgeting Bloggers.


13 thoughts on “July 2013 Budget

    • A striped tee that fits well is definitely a great piece to have in your wardrobe–very versatile! J.Crew Factory has a few right now, I think, and everything is 40% off. Hope you find one soon!


  1. Way to go! You got a ton of really nice things. I love the colors you chose – I’m a big fan of navy, black, and white with some pops of color (coral, purple, teal, and green are my favorites!) and I think you’ll get a ton of wear out of your items!



    • The navy/green theme was totally unintentional–it wasn’t until I composed this post that I realized that I had chosen a lot of the same colors for the pieces I bought! I guess I should focus on some different colors for next month. I like the idea of adding in pops of coral and purple!


  2. Building a professional wardrobe can be so difficult! Especially in the beginning – it’s hard to buy a lot of nice stuff right off the bat. You did really great though – you’ll get a ton of wear out of those collared shirts!


    • You’re so right–it’s hard to build a professional wardrobe all at once. I’m hoping that by starting to build up my wardrobe now, I’ll have several outfits ready to go by the time the internship begins.


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