taking it outside

Good evening, all! As I mentioned in my last post, today marked the beginning of my internship’s orientation. The internship is really the reason I started this blog, as it requires me to dress professionally on a daily basis. From here on out, I hope to share my “tasteful” outfits several times per week.

Anyway, for today’s pictures, I decided to take it outside. I originally took some pictures this morning inside in front of the fireplace, but they were pretty dim, so I did a re-shoot outside in the backyard after the day was over. As a result, my skirt is a little wrinkled, my hair is a little wacky, and my makeup has all but disappeared. There’s definitely room for improvement in my photo-taking, but this blog is a work in progress 🙂


The dress code for this week is “semi-professional,” so I opted for a simple top + pencil skirt, plus flats (I didn’t know how much walking we would be doing).  Because it’s so hard to see in the photos, here’s a close-up of the skirt:



black bow detail tee {Gap}, old

houndstooth pencil skirt {Banana Republic Factory}, $36

red ballet flats {Enzo Angiolini via Macy’s}, $15

What do you all think of the new photo-taking location? Should I stick to indoor photo shoots?



4 thoughts on “taking it outside

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