warming up to yellow

Many years ago, I got it into my head that I absolutely could not wear yellow clothing. I think someone told me that it would clash with my skin-tone or something like that. As a result, I haven’t owned a yellow article of clothing for more than a decade, at least.

Then, a few weeks ago, my mom was sorting through her closet and came across a yellow cardigan that she no longer wanted and offered it to me. My initial reaction was, “Oh, I can’t wear that. It would look awful on me.” My mom convinced me that I could pull it off, particularly if I wore some pink blush to mark the contrast with my skin tone. It was such a cute sweater (complete with polka dots AND a ruffle) that I agreed and added it to my closet.

Today was the first time I wore the sweater, and I have to say I love the way it looks with my beloved navy neutrals.


The sweater has some tiny pin-dots that may be hard to see, so take a closer look below. I also have a picture of it on GCOGH.


As a side note, you may notice that I’ve changed my picture location again. I think the lighting for the outdoor photos was off. My husband snapped these pictures just as I was heading out the door today, and I like the lighting much better!


white camisole {Target}, $5

yellow pin-dot cardigan {Banana Republic Factory}, hand-me-down

navy ankle pants {Michael Kors via Belk}, $50

nude pumps {Target}, $30

pink tote bag, gift

Are there any colors that you’re afraid to wear?


6 thoughts on “warming up to yellow

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