impulse buy

Yesterday evening, I went to the store after work to pick up some hand sanitizer…and ended up with a bag of groceries and a shirt. Sigh. That’s the trouble with big box stores–it’s too easy to wander into the other sections after getting the necessities on your list!


Despite the fact that I didn’t intend to buy it, the shirt I wore today will be a versatile piece in my wardrobe, I think. Considering my new infatuation with colorful pants, having another white tee (with a little embellishment) will come in handy!


Here’s a closer look at the top (it’s a floral lace):


I seem to be on a navy + yellow kick this week (see Tuesday’s look)!


white lace short-sleeve tee {Wal-Mart}, $7

navy a-line skirt {Willi Smith via TJ Maxx}, $15

nude pumps {Target}, $30

yellow tote bag {Target}, $11

What was your last impulse buy?


7 thoughts on “impulse buy

  1. I’m so glad you found me! Yes, I just started it yesterday. I thought I would combine my two passions-teaching and looking cute-into one blog lol. I definitely want to follow yours! You have got some great pieces in your closet. I’m trying to downsize mine a bit.


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