August 2013 Budget

August was a big month for additions to my wardrobe, largely because the 19th marked the beginning of my internship. Not only did I spend my allotted $150 (more on that in a second), but my mom was also kind enough to buy a few professional staples for me. I was in desperate need of dress pants (I had NONE), so my mom offered to buy me two pairs, which would have busted my budget if I had had to pay for them myself. We went to the Banana Republic Factory Store and bought:

  • dark brown dress pants (Martin fit), $47
  • gray dress pants (Martin fit), $47
  • black/white houndstooth pencil skirt, $36, seen here
  • green/white houndstooth tie-neck blouse, $24
  • indigo/white striped tank, $13
  • pink/white patterned cowl-neck top, $17

As you can see, we got some pretty great deals by shopping the sale and clearance racks, as well as using the Banana Republic credit card. I am really excited to wear each of those pieces! I can now mark “neutral dress pants” off of my wish list. Thanks, Mom!

Now, let’s discuss the items that I purchased myself. I was able to find a few priority pieces this month by buying several crew-neck tees (for layering), a skinny belt, and a pair of flats. I also bought more casual pieces than I intended to, but I’m sure I’ll get good use out of them on the weekends.



  1. black/white striped maxi dress: $30, Max Studio via TJ Maxx
  2. red ankle pants: $15, Tahari via TJ Maxx
  3. black/white striped blazer: $21, Target
  4. leopard print flats: $15, Target
  5. purple skinny belt: $5, Target
  6. yellow purse: $12, Target, seen here
  7. assorted crew-neck tees: $4 each, Old Navy
  8. gray/black houndstooth dress pants: $10, Burlington, seen here
  9. floral pencil skirt: $11, Burlington, seen here
  10. white lace short-sleeve tee: $7, Wal-Mart, seen here
  11. mint cardigan: $4, thrifted Old Navy {not pictured}, seen here, here
  12. blue/gray striped sweater: $4, thrifted Banana Republic {not pictured}
  13. blue patterned wrap top: $4, thrifted Banana Republic {not pictured}
  14. blue lace peplum top: $4, thrifted Target stock {not pictured}

The grand total for August (not including the items from Mom) was $162. So I went a bit above my $150 budget, but there’s nothing that I feel I should return because I can see myself using each piece quite often. I perhaps over-spent on the maxi dress (particularly because now they’re all going on deep discount for end-of-summer sales), but it’s exactly what I was looking for in terms of style and cut. I guess I’ll just have to figure out several ways to wear it so as to get the most use out of those $30 as I possibly can!

Just for fun, I like to tally up the amount of the items I bought if I had purchased them at full price, and this month’s total was $693! I think  the best buy was the Tahari pants–the original price was $188, but I got them for just $15 on final clearance at TJ Maxx. Boo-yah.

What did you buy this month? Did you stay in budget?


12 thoughts on “August 2013 Budget

    • Thanks, Lisa. The photo in the collage above is actually a (much more expensive look-alike). I’ve been wanting a floral pencil skirt for a while, so I’m happy to finally have one in my closet!


  1. It looks like you put a lot of thought into your budget this month, Caroline! I really like the pieces you got and can’t wait to see how you style them all. I’m especially liking the red pants, striped blazer, and floral skirt!!!


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