the striped blazer

A few weeks ago while perusing the clearance section at Target, I came across this blazer and was immediately drawn to it. So I bought it, quite certain that it would get good use.

Mossimo® Womens Ponte Stripe Jacket - Assorted Colors

Well, that was about a month ago, and until today I still hadn’t worn the blazer. I had attempted to add it to outfits in recent weeks, but I kept chickening out, fearing that it would make my ensemble too “loud.” It sounds silly as I type that out, because it’s a simple striped blazer–it’s not like it was neon leopard print or something.

Anyway, the way I styled the blazer today was pretty basic, but I’m hoping I can gather up the courage to pair it with my favorite cobalt pants next time.


I was having trouble deciding whether it looked best to wear the jacket closed or not, but I reviewed these photos before I left and decided to button up the blazer. That’s one perk of having a style blog–having outfit photos to review before you step out the door!


And here’s a look at my bracelet:


So there you have my first rendezvous with the striped blazer. I’m hoping it will turn out to be a versatile piece in my wardrobe!


black + white striped blazer {Target}, $21

white scoop-neck tee {JC Penney}, $7

black boot-cut pants {Old Navy}, $17

red pumps {Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx}, gift

white + gold bangle {Charming Charlie}, $4

How would you style a striped blazer?


8 thoughts on “the striped blazer

  1. that is a great blazer! it will definitely be super versatile and i can see it going with any solid colored bottom/dress. i have a navy/white striped blazer that i like wearing buttoned (it has a weird hook & eye closure so it doesn’t really look right when open) and belted.


    • Target also has this blazer in navy and white–I would have gotten in that, but my size was sold out at the time! I think it’s good that it forced me to branch out from my beloved navy as a neutral 🙂


  2. I really love this blazer, and I’m so excited that you were brave enough to pull it out and wear it! It looks great on you! I really like both looks – they each have their own “feel” to them. The buttoned up looks a little more professional, and the unbuttoned is slightly more casual, but both are so work appropriate. I can’t wait to see this blazer with your cobalt pants!


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