This week, I am working at a local food bank as part of my dietetic internship. Just as I was leaving yesterday, my supervisor exclaimed, “Don’t forget to wear orange tomorrow for Hunger Action Day!” (Side note: learn more about Hunger Action Day and Hunger Action Month here).

My first thought was, “Wonderful! I’d love to show my support for a great cause!” But then I remembered. I don’t own a single article of orange clothing. Eep.

I know orange is really trendy right now, but it’s another one of those colors that I’m afraid would look awful on me. I took a quick detour to TJ Maxx on the way home to see if I could find a coral-y orange top, but I had no luck. Ultimately, I just bought a cheap scarf with some orange in it and called it a day.


I’m not really thrilled with the resulting outfit–I think the navy skirt and the scarf make me look like a flight attendant. Oh well. I’m sharing it here because this blog is about learning to dress myself, and that includes making some mistakes!


One positive aspect of this outfit is that the shoes are comfortable. I bought these shoes about a year ago to wear to my rehearsal dinner for my wedding. I thought I would wear them just a couple times, but because navy has turned out to be such a favorite color in my wardrobe, I’ve gotten great use out of them!

Here’s a closer look at the pattern on the scarf:


Perhaps I will warm up to orange like I’ve warmed up to yellow–I just need to find the right shade for me, I guess!


white scoop neck shirred tee {Target}, $10

geometric orange + navy print scarf {Wal-Mart}, $7

navy a-line skirt {Willi Smith via TJ Maxx}, $15

navy bow wedges {Nine West via DSW}, $40

tortoise shell watch {Fossil via Amazon}, $20

Do you have any orange clothing?


9 thoughts on “orange

  1. I think you look great in orange – I think the more red-tone oranges are most flattering. I stayed away from oranges and yellows for most of my life – and now that orangey-red color that J.Crew calls “modern red” (who knows why) is one of my faves!


    • That’s a good point–a lot of the orange I’m seeing in stores is that orangey-red. There were a couple pieces in the Michael Kors line in that color that I liked. I might just have to give it a try!


  2. I really like this scarf, I bet this would be pretty with a navy top too with a khaki or denim on the bottom. I do like it as is and I don’t think I would have thought
    “Flight attendant” on my own


  3. i love that scarf! what a pretty print that you can wear a lot of different ways! i have never gravitated toward orange, yellow, or red but recently i have added a lot of orange to my closet! i used to worry it wouldn’t look good against my skin tone/hair color, but now i just wear what i like! hopefully you find something orange you like — it’s a fun color!


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