recent thrift finds, part II

One of the very first posts I published on this blog a few months ago was about my recent thrift finds. Since then, I’ve had the chance to explore a couple different thrift stores here in my new neighborhood. I’ve had some great luck thus far in my pursuit of thrift store gems, and I thought I would share the latest ones with you!

black pencil skirt, $3.98 {banana republic}

black pencil skirt

Technically, I already have a black pencil skirt, but I think it’s one of those items that it’s acceptable to have multiples. Plus, I actually like the quality and fit of this one better than the one I already had.

black fit and flare skirt, $3.98 {LOFT}

black fit and flare skirt

I know, I’m so boring–another black skirt. What’s unique about this one though is the fit-and-flare cut. It fit me well, and it was just too fun and flirty to pass up.

blue and white gingham button-up, $2.48 {old navy}

blue gingham button up

I really love anything gingham, and I don’t own much in the way of pastels, so that’s how I justified this purchase. I happen to be wearing this top as I type this post 🙂

khaki jacket, $3.99 {route 66}

khaki jacket

This jacket isn’t normally something I would be drawn to on the rack, but its like new condition convinced me to try it on. As it turned out, it fits me perfectly, and I like that it has a military feel to it. I envision wearing this a lot this fall on the weekends!

black blazer, $3.99 {new york & company}

black blazer

This is the purchase I am most excited about, as I have been searching for a black blazer for a long time now. I’ve tried on a lot of black jackets over the past few months, but nothing really fit me the way I wanted it to. Then today I found this one at the Goodwill, with the tags still on (it was originally a $60 jacket, by the way). It fits me beautifully, and I am so excited to wear it!

Have you been thrifting lately? What are your favorite purchases?


12 thoughts on “recent thrift finds, part II

  1. i love seeing people’s thrifted finds! this reminds me that maybe i should share more of my own. you definitely found some great staples with the skirts and blazer and i always love a good gingham!


  2. Wow the prices of your thrift finds are amazing, they seem to be about twice that in the UK! It’d be interesting to know if you got rid of your existing black skirt now you found one you prefer?! This is such a great thing to share to encourage people to check second-hand options 🙂


    • Yes, I am continually amazed by the great prices at thrift stores! I haven’t gotten rid of the original black pencil skirt yet. I think it might be a good idea to hold onto it, as I think it might be helpful to have more than one to keep in rotation.


  3. I really love to thrift as well. I used to thrift a lot a few years ago, but stopped for a while since the stores where I lived were not very good. We’re in a newer location now and I’ve been pretty pleased with their selection of items, so I’ve started thrifting a little more. My husband and I are trying to shop more ethically, so thrifting is a great way to go. I’m really impressed with your black blazer! It’s really a great piece and I’m excited to see it on you!


    • Yes, I agree that thrifting success is highly dependent on where you’re located! I didn’t start shopping at thrift stores until very recently, but now I’m so glad I discovered it. A great way to recycle!


  4. I seriously never have much luck thrifting – probably because my friends and I pick the worst shops and we don’t go often enough to get the good stuff before it’s gone. I did have a friend score two almost-new pairs of Ferragamo bow flats a few years ago at Goodwill for Goodwill prices – ridiculous!

    (I am digging that fit and flare find of yours!)


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