Yesterday proved to be quite a busy day (hence the lack of posting). I spent the day at the hospital doing nutrition consults with my supervisor, then had a professional practice group meeting immediately following, and finally a celebratory dinner for my brother-in-law’s birthday. I know some people work much longer days than I do, but I must say that going non-stop from 8AM to 9PM and staying energized was quite a challenge!

Anyway, with all that running around, my outfit yesterday had to be pretty multi-purpose: professional and comfortable but dressy enough for the restaurant.


Another belted purple blouse!  I have two of these flutter-sleeve tops by Michael Kors, and they’re both a tad big, so belting is a must. (Check out this post to see how I styled the other top).


Here’s a closer look at the print on the top:


I also carried my new quilted leather tote to complete the ensemble.


purple printed top {Michael Kors via Belk}, $18

black skinny belt {Nine West via Macy’s}, $15

gray dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $47

black ballet flats {Bandolino via Macy’s}, $15

black quilted purse {MG Collection via Amazon}, $28

faux pearl bracelets, old

 What would you wear for a busy day?


5 thoughts on “multi-purpose

  1. I love this look!! I just started getting into wearing belts with my more flowy tops and it really transforms the whole look.

    For a busy day, I like to keep it comfy too! Usually my black trouser pants from the Gap with a fitting sweater/shirt from the Loft with a necklace. And always, always, always flats! 😀


  2. very cute! i’m not used to ever having long days like that, in fact sometimes i’m in bed by 9pm, so i’m glad you survived and your outfit carried you through everything you had going on!


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