the wrap top

Back when I was a senior in high school, I was the maid of honor in my older sister’s wedding. Having that honor meant that I had to attend several celebratory functions before the big event, which in turn meant that I had to have quite a few dresses to wear. Amidst all the frenzied dress shopping I did that year, I came to a realization–wrap dresses are always flattering. It’s no wonder Stacy and Clinton choose them for all their fashion novices on WNTW.

Fast forward, um, eight years (!), and I still love wrap dresses. They’re so comfortable and help define my waistline–win-win! So when I discovered this wrap top a while back, I was delighted to discover that it had the same waist-whittling effect, PLUS I could mix and match it with a variety of skirts and pants.

I decided to pair the top with some navy pants and bright flats today.


(please pardon the blurriness of today’s photos–it was quite a dreary morning, so the lighting was a little dark!)

I really like the cut and print of this top, but the slightly flared sleeves kind of bother me. Oh well, it’s still a pretty great top for a Goodwill purchase!


It’s outfits like these that make me want to expand my flats collection–I love the bright pop of color they can add to an outfit!

Here’s a closer look at the print of the top:


I always love a geometric pattern!


white camisole {Target}, $5

blue + navy patterned wrap top {thrifted Banana Republic}, $4 similar

navy boot-cut pants {thrifted Ralph Lauren}, $7 similar

red ballet flats {Enzo Angiolini via Macy’s}, $15

gold + silver bracelet, gift similar

How would you wear a wrap top?


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