when comfort is key

To be honest, my outfit today is a tad boring. I thought about not posting it, but then I decided that an important aspect of this blog is to learn how to wear my clothes to suit my working environment…so here’s my less-than-spectacular but oh-so-comfy outfit for today!

All the dietitians and dietetic interns had to attend a conference at the hospital this morning. The speakers discussed a surprisingly interesting topic (using a nutrition-focused physical exam to identify malnutrition), and breakfast was provided. Yay! The only downside of the conference was all the sitting that was involved. How did I ever live through two- and three-hour lectures in college?!

Anyway, I wanted to be sure that I was comfortable for all that sitting, so I chose a pretty un-fussy outfit. Stretchy pants, flats, and a roomy shirt did the trick. Sure, I could have worn a belt to accentuate my waist a bit more, but that would have just really bugged me for the entirety of the conference. Sometimes comfort wins over fashion!


As you can see, the outfit consists almost entirely of neutrals. I’ve recently come to realize that leopard print really can serve as a neutral!


Speaking of the leopard flats, I had two patients compliment them today! Gotta love it when your $15 flats from Target get so much positive attention 🙂


I couldn’t stand to have a completely color-less outfit, so I added my shrimp-colored watch for fun. As indicated by the time, today was another early one…

I also added some color by carrying my ginormous yellow tote.


white short sleeve lace tee {Wal-Mart}, $7 similar

navy boot-cut pants {thrifted Ralph Lauren}, $7 similar

leopard flats {Target}, $15

coral watch {Stein Mart}, $20  similar

yellow tote {Target}, $12 similar

What do you wear on days that you just want to be comfortable?


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