journalist for a day

Fun fact: When I was in college, I wanted to be a journalist.

Indeed, one of my majors in college was English. I love reading and writing, so it was a natural fit. But then my interest in health and nutrition soon overshadowed my love of letters, so I went down a different path.

While I may not be a journalist, I can still dress like one! For some reason, my outfit today made me feel like I was someone in the newspaper business–it was slightly masculine with some tailored aspects to it. I actually have no idea what a reporter might wear, but in my land of dress-up, that’s what I imagine to be the uniform.


Another polka-dotted outfit for you today, although the pattern is a little bit more subtle than in yesterday’s ensemble.


I’m not totally sold on this rendition of gray + navy. I think the blue in the shirt is a little too subdued, which makes the outfit look a little hodge-podge. Oh well.


Here’s a closer look at the shirt. The print is little blue and mint polka dots.


polka dot button-up {thrifted Gap}, $4 similar

gray dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $47 similar

navy bow wedges {Nine West via DSW}, $40 similar

tortoise shell watch {Fossil via Amazon}, $20

What did you want to be when you were growing up?


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