cardigan season

During the course of this past summer, I somehow started collecting several cardigans. I don’t regret it, as they’re so useful for adding an extra layer of color, pattern, and/or warmth to an outfit.

Anyway, the reason I mention my cardigan collection is that I am just now getting to wear them, despite the fact that I’ve owned a couple of them for months now. The summer weather in Alabama isn’t exactly cardigan-appropriate, so I’ve had to wait until almost mid-October for the temperatures to dip below 70 degrees.


The one I wore today was a July purchase from Old Navy; I think I was originally drawn to it for its color combination (my “signature colors“) and its kinda preppy vibe.


Another item of note in this outfit is my flats. After seeing Audrey wear them in several of her outfits, I decided that I needed to have a pair of cognac flats for myself. They were extremely comfortable on their first day of wearing today.


I also wore my pretty pink watch for another punch of color. I actually really like the way the coral-y pink, jade, and navy look together.


jade + navy cardigan {Old Navy}, $14 similar

navy boot-cut pants {thrifted Ralph Lauren}, $4 similar

cognac flats {Target}, $14

coral watch {Stein Mart}, $20 similar

pearl stud earrings, gift similar

Which items are you busting out now that the weather is a bit chillier?


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