inspired by seth

I don’t think of my husband as being particularly “stylish”–he kind of loathes shopping and much prefers pajama pants to a suit (who doesn’t, really?). So I was surprised by how much I liked one of his outfits this past weekend–he had on a wine-colored polo with an olive military jacket, jeans, and some navy boat shoes. I really loved the color combination for its absolute fall-ish-ness, so I set out to use that color scheme this week.


As it turns out, I have absolutely NO olive in my wardrobe, so I stuck with the navy and wine combination. Nonetheless, I like to think that this outfit was inspired by Seth 🙂


Pardon the doggie photo-bombing in these pictures–Dexter was totally confused as to why I had a tripod in the backyard…


This was my first time wearing my new tortoise shell necklace. Considering how much I love my tortoise shell watch and sunglasses, it was only a matter of time before I bought a necklace too!


gray + navy striped tee {Forever 21}, $10 similar

navy boot-cut pants {thrifted Ralph Lauren}, $4 similar

maroon ballet flats {K-Mart}, $7

tortoise shell link necklace {Etsy}, $15 similar

What/who are some of your unlikely sources of fashion inspiration?


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