simply stripes

It’s Friday! Yay! I kept things simple today, outfit-wise. I’m not allowed to wear much in the way of jewelry at the dialysis clinic…and I was just being a little lazy when picking out my clothes for the day. So, here you have simply stripes.


I thought about wearing my stone shower necklace again, but ultimately I just wore some sparkly stud earrings instead.


As you can see, I am liking the black + cobalt combination these days. I love the contrast!

…And yes, Dexter is photo-bombing again!


blue crew-neck tee {Old Navy}, $4

black + white striped knit blazer {Target}, $21 similar

black boot-cut pants {Old Navy}, $17

tweed wedges {Blowfish Malibu}, gift similar

crystal stud earrings {Charlotte Russe}, $1 similar

How would you accessorize this outfit?


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