the chambray shirt

I’ve been in search of a chambray shirt for a long time–I think I started looking around the time I started this blog, back in July. I’ve bought and returned so many chambray tops that I stopped keeping count, but I think it was at least three. Some were too baggy, some were too scratchy, and some just weren’t the right color–oh, and I also wanted it to be $20 or less! I finally found one that worked for me this past month in the clearance section at Target. It’s a little on the loose side, but I think a size down would be too tight in the shoulders.

Anyway, I’ve really wanted to wear this top ever since I got it a few weeks ago, but it’s a little too casual for work wear. So I finally busted it out for a weekend day and paired it with a leopard skirt.


I actually re-discovered this skirt in my own closet a few weeks ago. You see, it’s an item from my much skinnier days, so I always assumed that it no longer fit me. I tried it on to decide if I should finally give it away, and much to my surprise it fits! Granted, I am wearing it a little higher on my waist (as opposed to at my hips), but I think it works. What do you think–am I kidding myself, or does this skirt actually look alright?


Regardless of its fit, the leopard skirt is also an item I don’t wear to work. I think it’s probably a little too wild and a little too short for the hospital.


As for accessories, I went for a little glamor by adding pearl earrings and bracelets.


chambray button-up {Target}, $16

leopard full skirt {New York & Company}, old similar

maroon ballet flats {K-mart}, $7

faux pearl stud earrings {Charlotte Russe}, $1 similar

faux pearl bracelets, gift similar (←love!)

How do you wear a chambray shirt?


14 thoughts on “the chambray shirt

  1. i love this look! i save my denim shirt for fridays when the office is more casual, but i’ve found it to really be a great staple — hopefully you’ll feel that way about your shirt here, too! and i wouldn’t have thought anything off about your skirt if you hadn’t mentioned it, it looks fine to me!


  2. I actually really like this look! It doesn’t look like the skirt was from a skinnier you, but I can relate to the feeling. Also, I really like that chambray! I have a thinner, darker one, and I’ve been on the hunt for one like yours. I love using chambray as a layering piece, especially in this cooler weather.


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  4. What a cute outfit, Caroline! That skirt is AWESOME. I have wanted a leopard skirt (or blouse) for a while, and this skirt is basically exactly what I’ve been looking for. Love it!


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