October 2013 Budget

In looking over this month’s purchases, I have dubbed October the “Month of Accessories.” As I have mentioned before, my jewelry box is pretty sparse, so I’m slowly but surely trying to build a collection of fun necklaces, bracelets, and earrings; you’ll soon see that I made a lot of progress toward that goal this month. I’ve also realized that I would like to have a better selection of flats, as I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day that I go to the hospital. There were a few more impulse purchases this month than I’d like to admit, but I think I’ll find ways to wear all of these items.



  1. green faux leather flats: $21, Old Navy, seen here
  2. cognac faux leather flats: $14, Target, seen here and here
  3. navy flats: $14, Target
  4. silver ball stud earrings: $1, Charlotte Russe, seen here
  5. ivory rosebud earrings: $4, Forever 21
  6. pink bow earrings: $3, Forever 21
  7. gold bow necklace: $4, Forever 21
  8. tortoise shell link necklace: $15, Etsy, seen here
  9. pink + gold bangle set: $5, Charlotte Russe, seen here
  10. pave link bracelet: $20, Ebay
  11. purple pleated skirt: $14, Target
  12. chambray button-up: $16, Target seen here
  13. cognac wide belt: $10, Old Navy
  14. pin-dot henley: $6, Old Navy
  15. pink crew-neck tee: $2, Old Navy, seen here
  16. multicolor patterned shell: $10, Banana Republic Factory {not pictured}
  17. pink knife-pleat skirt: $9, Alfani via ThredUp
  18. black ruffle-front dress: $11, Merona via ThredUp

Yikes! That’s a lot of clothing! I did sell about $30 worth of clothing via ThredUp (←click for my referral link and receive $10 off your first order!). So taking that money into account, I actually ended up spending $145, which is $5 under budget.Β I’m most excited about FINALLY finding a chambray button-up that I like. It’s comfy, the right color, and not too loose. I can’t wait to incorporate it into many future outfits.

My savings this month were not quite as impressive as in months past. If I hadn’t shopped sales and such, I would have spent $343, so I saved almost 50%. The best buy was probably the Banana Republic Factory top that I’ve been lusting after–I got it for $10, marked down from $45! I love it when patience pays off πŸ™‚

So what did you buy in October?


15 thoughts on “October 2013 Budget

  1. Oooh I love all your buys! and I agree that Thredup is great! πŸ™‚ Though I’m curious to what you thought of the selling process? I’ve personally only bought from them but have heard some negative things about selling to them, and would love to hear your thoughts πŸ™‚


    • The buying process is definitely better than the selling process, I think. It was kind of a long, drawn-out process and not very profitable. Maybe I’ll post a full review of my ThredUp experiences this week?


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  3. I definitely think you got a lot for $145! And everything you got is something classic that you’ll be able to wear over and over (like that chambray!). I love the idea of selling stuff on ThreadUp… I might need to try that!


    • I’m planning on doing a post about my experiences with ThredUp in the upcoming week or so. You can make some money, but it took about six weeks for my bag of clothes to be processed. Just thought you would want to know!


  4. You definitely got some great wardrobe basics for under $150, which is awesome! I also go lucky in October, I ended up with a bunch of super wonderful hand me downs. But I still ended up spending under $150. Check out my budget post for more details πŸ™‚


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