printed pants

Even though I think they’re so cute and fun, I’ve always been afraid to wear printed pants. You see, I have a very, shall we say, “ample” rear end, so I’ve always assumed that the prints would just exaggerate that feature and be totally unflattering for my figure.

Well, I’ve been trying to expand my fashion horizons lately, so I tried on a pair of printed pants at Loft awhile ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that I liked them. The price tag was a little too high for me, so I didn’t buy them. Instead, I found this pair on eBay for just $18 (and free shipping!).

I received them in the mail on Saturday afternoon, so naturally I wore them on Sunday.


It was ridiculously warm, so I paired my spiffy new pants with a simple navy tee, pearl earrings, and my tortoise watch. I am all about comfy and easy on the weekends!


navy tee {Target}, $3

maroon polka dot pants {LOFT via eBay}, similar

navy bow wedges {Nine West via DSW}, gift similar

pearl stud earrings, gift similar

tortoise shell watch {Fossil via Amazon}, $20

Would you ever wear printed pants?


7 thoughts on “printed pants

  1. Cute, Caroline! I love how these pants look on you, and you styled them so nicely with the navy top! Do you read Whitney’s blog called Along the Lines of Style? If not, I recommend you check it out – she has the same pants too! 🙂


  2. AH! I was looking for those pants when they first came out– I saw them once at Plato’s Closet, but they weren’t my size. I never thought of eBay. It’s probably a good thing I haven’t set up a PayPal account yet– otherwise I’d be in big trouble! Love these pants on you 🙂


    • Haha! It’s funny, I actually saw these pants at a thrift store last month too, but they were way too small for me. Ebay is kind of dangerous–it has become a new addiction of mine!


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