bulky (with bows)

Happy Friday, all! The day I’ve been anticipating has finally arrived! I now have a full 9 days of unscheduled bliss (well, aside from traveling to and from Maryland). I bought myself a magazine (People Style Watch) on the way home from the hospital today, and I’m looking forward to paging through it tonight in my jammies.

I’m a little less excited about my outfit today. I wore my pink houndstooth cardigan again (I know, it has fast become a favorite item in my closet!) with black and silver. I liked the idea in theory, but I think the end result makes me look a little bulky. The cardigan is technically a size larger than I normally wear, plus I wore a pretty loose-fitting shirt underneath it. As a result, this isn’t the most flattering ensemble I’ve ever posted. Ah well, I’ll count this one as a “do not repeat” outfit.


It’s a little hard to see the lace detail on the shirt, so here’s a closer look:


Oh, and I added a few bow details to the outfit too:


Maybe next time, I’ll belt the cardigan to decrease the bulk factor? Or perhaps just stick to wearing camis underneath?

Live and learn!


white short-sleeve lace tee {Wal-Mart}, $7 similar

pink houndstooth cardigan {Target}, $9

black boot-cut pants {Old Navy}, $17 similar

black ballet flats {Bandolino via Macy’s}, $15 similar

silver bow earrings {Kate Spade via Amazon}, gift

What are your tips for making a flattering outfit?


8 thoughts on “bulky (with bows)

  1. Regarding the question you left on my blog about tying the belt– it’s hard to explain, but essentially I put the belt on, and kept pulling past any of the holes. Then I just jabbed the metal prong part into the belt, as if I were trying to make a hole in it. Then, pull the end underneath and behind the belt, and then back down through the opening that now exists. Voila! It may take some tugging. There are tons of tutorials through Google searching or Pinterest. hope that helps!


  2. i don’t think this looks bulky at all from the pictures! in fact, i love the pretty lace detail peaking out from underneath the cardigan. and i like seeing all of the different ways you’ve worn that cardigan, it’s nice to see bloggers who really wear what’s in their closet a lot, it inspires me to do the same rather than looking on clearance racks or thrifting just to have something new (even though that’s not as expensive as buying something new, but it still isn’t that wise!).


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