cozy sunday

I am fully enjoying my time off from the internship this week. Sunday’s activities included going to church, watching Home Alone 2, and baking pumpkin bread. Plus, it happened to be a chilly day, so I got to wear my favorite sweater. All around, it was a cozy Sunday.

My favorite sweater is an ivory cowl-neck one that my sister gave me for Christmas several years ago. My sisters and I don’t typically buy each other clothing for Christmas, but she certainly chose a good gift with this one–I wear it all the time once it gets cold enough! It’s definitely showing its age these days, as evidenced by the pilling you see in these photos. But I just can’t bear to give it up until I find a good replacement. I guess I’ll need to visit LOFT soon.


I actually started out the day wearing this outfit with my cognac riding boots, but the temperatures started climbing quickly, so I switched to flats in the same color. Mix and match, for the win!


As a side note, I’m kind of stuck as to what else to wear with these pants. Thus far, I’ve worn them with a navy tee and this sweater. What other color combinations should I try?


ivory cowl-neck sweater {LOFT}, gift similar

maroon polka dot pants {LOFT via eBay}, $18 similar

cognac flats {Target}, $15

gold ball stud earrings {Target}, part of a $10 set

What do you like to wear to be cozy?


12 thoughts on “cozy sunday

  1. glad you are enjoying your break! home alone 2 is seriously my favorite christmas movie, i could watch it endlessly year round! 🙂 and that sweater does look comfy and warm, i could use a few like it in my closet!


  2. What a sweet, cozy-looking outfit! I really like that sweater, and I think it looks darling with those pants. Hmm, I think you could get away wearing black or gray with these pants. Or mustard, or tan/khaki/cognac??


  3. Hi, I am Ada. I am new to your blog. I found you through one of the link-ups and I am glad I clicked. Your style is Elegant, Casually-Chic, Utilitarian and Simple but Tasteful. I am loving today’s Outfit. A Blazer makes everything better. Your Blazer & Earrings are stunning.

    I’d love for you to stop by, check out my blog and let’s support each other by following. How do I follow you? If we don’t talk sooner, Happy Thanksgiving. Ada. =)


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