the colorful coat phase

My birthday is now less than a week away, so I have been reminiscing on past celebrations. Today’s outfit reminded me of my sixteenth birthday in particular. You see, most people ask for a car for their sweet sixteen, but I, being the oddball I am, asked for a coat.

A few weeks before my birthday, my mom and I had spotted this beautiful coat at a local boutique–it was a vibrant turquoise color with big buttons and a whimsical polka dot lining. It was perfect.

(my dad and me one year at December graduation–he’s a professor at a local university)

I was lucky enough to receive that coat for my birthday, and it began a years-long “colorful coat phase” in which I decided I needed ALL the colors of the rainbow for my outerwear collection…

I’m also fairly certain I had a red coat in the mix at some point as well. Anyway, all of my technicolor dream-coats had started to show their age, so I donated most of them when we moved last summer. I did save one though:


The combination of the bright color, fun zig-zag pattern, and vintage-y cut of this coat made me hold onto it for at least one more winter.


ivory lace top {Banana Republic Factory}, hand-me-down similar

skinny brown belt, from a dress (?) similar

pink cropped jacket, gift similar

brown dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $47 similar

leopard flats {Target}, $15

pearl stud earrings, gift similar

Do you own any colorful coats?


4 thoughts on “the colorful coat phase

  1. I, too love colorful coats! At one point, I had a hot pink peacoat and I loved it! Right now, I have a deep purple winter coat and a houndstooth coat that is a little lighter weight for fall/spring.


  2. so cute! i have always loved the idea of colorful coats myself, and even just having multiple winter coats… i live in a climate where i think i deserve both. 🙂 love that dark green coat in your second picture!


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