I must admit that I’m a little plaid-crazy these days. I recently bought two plaid button-ups from JCPenney, and I’ve loved them so much that I added several more plaid items to my Christmas list. I’m really hoping Santa will bring me these pants or these pumps🙂

Image 1 of ASOS SKITTLE Pointed Heels

Anyway, those plaid button-ups have become my favorite weekend tops–they’re just so comfy and colorful! I wore a navy, green, and pink version yesterday.


The plaid top and boots make me look a bit like a cowboy, so I tried to make it look a little less costume-y and more girly by adding a pink layer and a pair of pearl earrings.


Not my most thoughtful outfit ever, but it was perfect for a day of wrapping presents and baking cookies!


navy + green plaid button-up {JCPenney}, $16

pink crew neck tee {Old Navy},  $3

boot cut jeans {LOFT}, old similar

cognac cowboy boots {Steve Madden}, old similar

pearl stud earrings, gift similar

How do you feel about the plaid trend?


2 thoughts on “cow-girly

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