leopard + leather

Prior to this fall, I had never owned a leather jacket (faux or authentic), but now I am wondering how I lived without one. As you might expect, it doesn’t get very cold around here, so I don’t exactly need a parka to get me through the winter–a cropped leather jacket usually works just fine. Plus, I just love the way leather jackets look.

You might remember my brown leather jacket from this post. I wear that jacket quite often, so I decided to add another color to my collection–a creamy winter white. This one is faux leather (from Forever 21), but it’s just as warm, and I love the contrast of the slightly edgy cut of the jacket and the softer color.

Anyway, today I decided to wear the jacket as a topper for a mostly neutral outfit–assuming you consider leopard a neutral!


Now that I’m looking at the photo from the Forever 21 website, I think next time I should try wearing this jacket with pink and gray…


A closer look at the leather + leopard.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!


leopard blouse {The Limited via ThredUp}, $10 similar

brown skinny belt {from a dress?}, old similar

ivory faux leather jacket {Forever 21}, $33

dark wash straight jeans {LOFT Outlet}, $24

brown wedges {Chinese Laundry}, gift similar

pearl cluster earrings {Kohl’s}, gift similar

How would you wear this jacket?



5 thoughts on “leopard + leather

  1. I also consider leopard a neutral 🙂 I think that pink and gray would look fantastic with the clean, white jacket. I also think it would be great in a classic red, white, and black outfit.




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