the unknown dress code

I know I’ve mentioned this topic before, but I continually deal with “the unknown dress code.” I’m at a different facility practically every week (sometimes every other week), which means that I am always trying to decipher a new dress code. For that reason, I typically wear something pretty basic at the start of the week, and this week was no different.


I was told that the dress code was “business casual,” which is one I always have trouble interpreting. In my experience, “business casual” can range from pant suits to skinny jeans. I aimed for the middle with some black slacks, a cardigan, and a comfy tee. As it turns out, I was assisting with a cooking class, so I might have been able to get away with something even more casual. Good to know for the remainder of the week…


{recycled picture…I wish my back yard were still this green!}

As for jewelry, I stuck with my bow watch and my London blue topaz earrings.


blue cardigan {J.Crew Factory}, $15

black + white striped tee {Old Navy}, $4

black dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $18 similar

black scallop-edge kitten heels {MIA}, gift

black bow watch {New York and Company}, $12

London blue topaz earrings {Tacori}, gift similar

What would you wear to “play it safe?”


10 thoughts on “the unknown dress code

  1. That would definitely be tough to go into a new work environment every week! When I got to conferences and things like that, I do try to play it safe and usually wear something really similar to what you’re wearing. My favorite black dress pants, a nice blouse and a nice cardigan. I feel like it’s definitely better to overdressed than under-dressed!


  2. yes, business casual is the worst description of a dress code there could be. i think over time it has meant to mean next to nothing. it really astonishes me what i’ve observed people wear in certain settings where i’ve worked that i assume to be business casual. i think you look great here, and i love how you incorporated some color and pattern into your outfit!


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