pink + olive, take two

A few months ago, I decided to test out the color olive with an inexpensive jacket I found on eBay. Here’s the outfit I put together and shared with you all:

img_7509 (1)

I still quite like the combination of bright pink and olive, but this outfit wasn’t a winner for me. The jacket was a little too small (hence why it’s on the Shop My Closet page now), and the general silhouette of the outfit just seemed awkward. So today I tried again with the same color palette but with different pieces.


I used some giftcard money leftover from Christmas to buy a military jacket from Old Navy yesterday, and I like the fit of this one much better. It’s a little big, but I think that kind of goes along with the trend–they’re supposed to be oversized.


I traded out the tortoise necklace for my tortoise watch.


Do you think it looks better with the jacket open like this? I can’t decide if it looks dorky to have it buttoned…


The shirt I chose this time has a lace front, further “softening” the otherwise boyish jacket.


coral lace 3/4 sleeve tee {Old Navy}, $17 (giftcarded)

olive military jacket {Old Navy}, $20 (giftcarded)

dark wash straight jeans {LOFT Outlet}, $24

cognac flats {Target}, $15

tortoise watch {Fossil via Amazon}, $20

How would you wear a military jacket?


14 thoughts on “pink + olive, take two

  1. I rarely button my jackets, but I don’t think it looks nerdy. I tried this jacket, but it just didn’t work for me. I’m glad it works for you, and I like it more than the first look!


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