when it snows in alabama…

So, some of you might have heard that we got a little winter weather down South. When it snows in Alabama, the whole state pretty much shuts down…especially when we don’t have any warning. The meteorologists had predicted that this snow storm would hit the southern half of the state, but, as it turns out, they were about 125 miles off. Whoops.

I took these outfit photos yesterday morning, when not even a flurry had hit the ground yet.


After packing up the tripod and bundling up in my coat, I headed out the door to begin my rotation at the county health department. I started to notice some flurries outside at around 10AM, when my preceptor and I were heading to the east side of town. By 10:30 all hell had broken loose–healthcare facilities were closing, schools were letting students out early–ALL AT THE SAME TIME. As you might imagine, traffic was horrendous, and the accumulating snow was not helping the situation. Eventually, I met up with my dad and husband who both work within a few blocks of the health department. We hunkered down for a few hours in my dad’s office until finally deciding to make a go for it.


We piled into the Corolla and immediately got stuck upon leaving the parking lot. Some kind pedestrians pushed us into the intersection, and we got as far as about 10 blocks. That’s when slowly moving traffic became a parking lot. Just when we were about to run out of gas, the three of us decided to park the car and walk to my parents’ house, about 2 miles away. It was a pretty brutal, uphill walk (particularly considering this outfit that I was wearing!), but we made it. I am now at my house (about 3 miles further down the road from my parents’ house) and resting comfortably with my dogs. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

And that’s what happens when it snows in Alabama.


ivory lace 3/4 length sleeve tee {LOFT Outlet}, $17 similar

pink crew-neck cardigan {Gap Outlet}, $16 similar

gray dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $47 similar

black scallop-edge kitten heels {MIA}, gift

crystal stud earrings {Charlotte Russe}, $1 similar

black bow watch {New York and Company}, $12

Have you had any snow days yet this winter?


7 thoughts on “when it snows in alabama…

  1. that story is just unbelievable. what a blessing that your dad and husband were nearby and you could all figure out what to do together and that you’re all safe. i hope the state is thawing out… my parents live outside of atlanta and definitely had stories to share as well. i guess i better not complain about the inch or so of snow i’m going to have to deal with in my commute to work tomorrow 🙂


    • Yes, I was definitely grateful to have my dad and husband there. We didn’t some hypothetical thinking with all that time stuck inside, and I decided that I probably still would have walked to parents’ house if I had been by myself–a 3 mile walk is worth being somewhere safe and warm!


    • Yes, unfortunately A LOT of people were stuck on the roads for that long. I’m glad your cousin had enough gas to get through it! One of my husband’s colleagues spent 12 hours in the car (noon-midnight) to travel 17 miles. UGH.


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