organized style: jewelry

When I first started this blog, I didn’t have much in the way of jewelry–a pair of pearl studs, a tortoise watch, and maybe a bracelet or two. Over the past 6 months, however, I’ve started to accumulate more in the way of accessories such that I needed a way to organize it all. And, as a girl who loves to organize, I was downright giddy about figuring out inexpensive ways to display all my jewelry.

After considerable Pinterest/Amazon surfing, I finally decided on what I needed: ceramic egg crates and hand towel racks. I know, not exactly conventional items for jewelry display. As you’ll see below, I think they’re both perfectly functional for the task and much cheaper than any jewelry display case you might find.


First, I bought two hand towel racks from Lowe’s for just $17 each. One holds all my bracelets…


…and the other holds (most of) my necklaces and watches. The one disadvantage to these racks is that they’re not tall enough for really long necklaces. I just have one right now, so I laid it down on the dresser for now.


I wear stud earrings pretty much exclusively, so I decided that these little ceramic egg crates would be perfect for holding all those little pairs. I bought these crates at World Market for about $5 each.


I enjoy having my jewelry displayed this way so that I actually see it and wear it. That way, I’m getting full use out of each piece.

How do you store your jewelry?


2 thoughts on “organized style: jewelry

  1. thanks for sharing, i love seeing how others organize their jewelry. i have the same ceramic egg crate from world market for most of my earrings, too! i love it so much! i wonder if you could place the towel rack that your necklaces are on atop another object to give it more height… like a decorative box or something. i also like the idea of using small, ceramic dishes to drape a long necklace out of or hold bracelets. i get most of mine at the goodwill but world market also has so many great white ceramic dishes that i think can be used for any number of purposes!

    literate & stylish


    • Great ideas, Heidi! I will definitely have to look at the housewares section the next time I go thrifting–I really like the idea of using some small ceramic dishes to contain a few items.


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