shopping at mom + dad’s

Yesterday afternoon, Seth and I stopped at my parents’ house just to say hi, but somehow we ended up going home with a car full of random goods. Among them were an old TV, a backpack, a hand-me-down coat from my sister, three pairs of pajamas, and two tops from my mom’s closet. Apparently, my parents are pretty eager to get rid of items in their basement! Of course, I don’t mind in the least 🙂

One of those aforementioned tops from my mom’s closet is the one you see in my outfit today. I’ve been eyeing this piece in my mom’s closet for a long time–it’s the perfect shade of green, a good length, and made from really thick and comfy material. I was delighted when she offered it to me!


The top is a little big on me, so I considered belting it. In the end though, I knew I had a day full of kitchen inspections (it’s a long story…), so I didn’t really feel like being encumbered by an unnecessary accessory.


I’ve been really liking the combination of green, black, and gold lately–hence the gold jewelry today.


The leopard flats made another appearance too…I guess I like stripes and leopard these days!


green + white striped tee {Jules and Leopold via Stein Mart}, hand-me-down similar

black boot-cut pants {Old Navy}, $17

leopard flats {Target}, $15

gold bow bracelet {Jane}, $7 similar

gold ball stud earrings {Target}, part of a $10 set

How do you wear a striped tee?


10 thoughts on “shopping at mom + dad’s

  1. that is a great striped tee! yay for moms and hand-me-downs! i have an aunt who always seems to have an abundance of housewares and random items that she has no use for that i’ve been the lucky recipient of, too, it always makes getting together with her fun because i never know what she may have for me in her trunk. 🙂 i hope the kitchen inspections went well…. are you in some sort of facility where you have to monitor how food is prepared (i’m trying to think about what the dietician at the nursing home where i work may do in the kitchen, so i may be totally off base!).

    literate & stylish


    • Today I was actually shadowing an inspector from the county health department. Health inspector is not typically a role that a dietitian plays, but my supervisor wanted me to be exposed to that aspect of public health (as I am currently in the middle of my public health rotation). We saw some pretty crazy violations, but it was fun!


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