more stripes

Apparently I am on a major stripes kick these days. Of the last six outfits I’ve posted here on the blog, three of them have included striped tops. Do I get points for consistency?


Today’s striped top was one I came across at the thrift store a while back. It’s made from a really thick, durable, and comfortable cotton, plus it’s in my beloved navy–of course I took it home with me.


I added this necklace to the outfit at the last minute. I am liking statement necklaces more and more. This one is perfect for wearing with crew-neck tops.


navy + white stripe short sleeve tee {thrifted Polo}, $3 similar

navy boot-cut pants {thrifted Ralph Lauren}, $6 similar

nude bow flats {Old Navy}, gift similar

stone shower necklace {Target}, $10 similar

What patterns have you noticed in your outfits lately?


9 thoughts on “more stripes

  1. Stripes are the best, so there’s nothing wrong with wearing them a lot. I think the necklace was a good choice– it’s really crazy how jewelry can elevate an outfit!


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