gone wavy

By now, you might have noticed that I don’t really do much with my hair. The truth is that I’m lazy. If I can blow-dry my hair and call it a day, I will (and I do). On days like today when I don’t have anything in particular on the agenda, it’s even worse–I don’t do a darn thing to it. So today you get to see my hair in its natural state–wavy and a little wild.


As for my outfit, I chose something very springy to take advantage of this warm weather we’ve been having. This dress actually came from the closet of one of my favorite bloggers–Lisa from Respect the Shoes. I really love its bright color and comfy fit!


Originally, I was planning on wearing my gold pendant necklace (seen in this post), but ultimately I decided I liked the look of the brown and gold against the pink background. Plus, it matched my shoes 🙂


pink dress {Old Navy} gift similar

tortoise link necklace {Etsy}, $18 similar

brown wedge sandals {Steve Madden}, old similar

How do you like to style your hair? Help a clueless girl out!


10 thoughts on “gone wavy

  1. this dress is so pretty on you, caroline, and i love that necklace! i can’t even fathom what it must be like to wear sandals right now so i am quite envious of this look! i have never been too good at styling my own hair either — i think in it’s “natural” state your hair looks pretty great! do you ever try curling it?


  2. What a pretty dress and such a gorgeous color on you! I think your hair looks nice like this. I have curly hair, but if I wear it curly I’d have to wash it and redo it everyday (because of hairspray and gel). I wash it every other day or so and straighten and curl it with my straightener. In the summer I typically just throw it up in a bun when it’s still wet!


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