The St. Patrick’s Day I remember most vividly is the one when I was in third grade. I was the new girl in the class that year, and I was unaware of this whole “must wear green on St. Paddy’s” thing. As a result, I was pinched about a gazillion times that day. By lunchtime I realized the error of my ways (i.e., not wearing green), so I drew a four-leaf clover on my hand in green Milky Pen to ward off future pinchers.

Anyway, ever since then, you better believe I wear green on St. Patrick’s Day to remain un-pinchable.


I’ve been a little obsessed with green + leopard lately, so I decided to give it a go for St. Patrick’s Day today. I really wanted to wear these new gold glitter pumps (!) that my mom gave me, but I decided that would be a bit much, considering the only places I went in this outfit were the grocery store and the bank. So black wedges it was. But be prepared–those shoes will make an appearance soon.


It was a pretty dreary day today, so it’s difficult to see the detail on my shirt in the above photos. Hopefully this black lace tank didn’t look to lingerie-ish in combination with the leopard belt!


green cardigan {thrifted Talbot’s}, $3 similar

black lace tank {Target}, $16 (birthday money)

dark wash straight jeans {Loft Outlet}, $24

black patent leather wedges {CL by Laundry}, $35

leopard belt {Target}, $16

Did you wear green today? What did you wear?


12 thoughts on “un-pinchable

  1. I hate the “get pinched if you’re not wearing green” tradition. I never cared for St. Patrick’s day growing up, and so I didn’t think it was fair to get punished for not participating in a holiday most people can’t explain the origin of. [end rant] I love the throwback to milky pens, those things were amazing.


  2. i love this shade of green, caroline! why were kids so into pinching each other for not wearing green on st patrick’s day? heh heh. also, i can’t wait to see these gold glitter heels you speak of… i have a pair of gold heels too and am struggling to find a way to wear them to work. i know we have kind of similar mentalities towards dressing for our workplaces so i hope we can both find a way to wear them!


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  5. Caroline, I LOVE this outfit! You look so dang cute – it’s something I could definitely see myself wearing too, if I had a cardigan that color!! 🙂 I totally loved those milky gel pens as well…well, all gel pens, to be honest. I literally had over 200 of them at one point (EMBARRASSING). They really bring me back to late elementary school and middle school!!


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