confessions of an over-packer

Good afternoon, all! I write to you today from the comforts of our rental beach home. We’re spending the week on the Alabama Gulf Coast for spring break. We’re having a relaxing stay so far–so relaxing that I haven’t mustered up the energy to take outfit photos. Instead, I thought I’d share about my packing strategy for this trip.

To be honest, I’m pretty terrible when it comes to packing. I have a hard time narrowing down my wardrobe options for a week, so I usually end up stuffing as many clothes into my suitcase as I possibly can–without much rhyme or reason. This time, however, I made a concerted effort to pack mix-and-matchable items. Here’s a look at what I packed:


  • white scoop neck tee {last seen here}
  • white lace tee {last seen here}
  • navy + white stripe tee {last seen here}
  • black crew-neck tee {last seen here}
  • light chambray button-up {last seen here}
  • leopard button-up



  • coral blazer {last seen here}
  • denim jacket {last seen here}
  • olive military jacket {last seen here}



  • lace dress with pink underlay
  • black + white striped skater dress {last seen here}



  • black straight jeans {last seen here}
  • dark wash straight jeans {last seen here}
  • black + white gingham shorts
  • light pink shorts
  • pink chevron print shorts



  • black patent leather wedges {last seen here}
  • leopard pumps {last seen here}
  • black wedge sandals
  • metallic pewter sandals
  • white fabric sandals



  • crystal clover necklace
  • pearl stud earrings
  • gold tassel necklace {last seen here}

I’m hoping these pieces will make for easy outfit combinations. The black, white, navy, pink, and leopard will be fun to re-mix throughout the week!

Oh, and don’t worry–I remembered to pack a few bathing suits as well 🙂

What are your best packing tips?



5 thoughts on “confessions of an over-packer

  1. I definitely like my options, too! You will typically find me shoving extra clothes 5 minutes before leaving because I just can’t decide. Love all of the things you packed. They seem really remixable!


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