pink stripes

Maybe it’s just because it’s spring, or perhaps I am becoming a girly-girl–whatever the reason, I am suddenly all about PINK. When I was planning my outfits for this week (more on that for another post, perhaps?), I realized that I kept gravitating toward all the pink items in my wardrobe. I’m told that pink looks half-way decent on me, so I’m going with it.

Today’s outfit focused on a new (to me) shirt that I recently got for free on ThredUp*. I had a $10 credit, and this shirt was just a couple bucks, so I thought I would give it a whirl.



It has been gloriously warm in these parts lately, so I was able to go sans cardigan. Yeehaw!


I once again went for the Easter egg look by accessorizing with another pastel–my mint necklace.



pink + white striped tee {H+M via ThredUp*}, $6 similar

black dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $18 similar

black scallop edge kitten heels {MIA}, gift

mint bib necklace {Jane}, $7 similar

Do you wear a lot of pink? What’s your favorite pink item in your closet?

*If you click the ThredUp links in this post, you’ll automatically receive $10 to spend online! I also receive a $10 credit once you’ve placed an order.


4 thoughts on “pink stripes

  1. i definitely find that i go through spurts where i’m drawn to certain colors, too. but i agree with you, this color looks great on you and i love the mint necklace!


  2. I like pink, but I typically avoid it because I don’t want to look too ‘girly.’ I have been drawn to it more recently though. It looks fabulous on you and I really like it with the mint!


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