I’m continuing to participate in the Spring Pantone Color Challenge today, and the theme for Tuesday is “paloma.” In all honesty, I had to look up what color that is–apparently it’s a shade of gray. I don’t have a ton of gray in my wardrobe, but I recently acquired a pair of gray chinos that I thought might work for the occasion. They look more blue in these pictures for some reason, but I assure you that they are gray in person!



I’m not entirely satisfied with this look, as it seems a little disjointed with all the different colors. I attempted to add some cohesion with the black wedges, but I think the outfit still has room for improvement. Oh well!



This is my first time wearing this top–it’s a fun popover I recently bought from our local Old Navy Outlet. Next time I’m thinking of pairing it with white jeans and some fun sandals!



black blazer {thrifted New York + Company}, $4 similar

pink + white striped popover {Old Navy Outlet}, $25

gray chinos {Wal-Mart}, $7 similar

black patent leather wedges {CL by Laundry via DSW}, $35

stone shower necklace {Target}, $10 similar

How would you wear a pair of gray chinos?


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16 thoughts on “paloma

  1. I really like the way you layered this look and I love your necklace. I like to think that grey is just another neutral, like black or navy and I would wear just about any color with them. I can’t believe those were only $7!


  2. In 4th grade, I did a book report on a possum, and I had a marker that I couldn’t tell whether it was blue or grey. Your pants remind me of that. I almost bought a similar popover, but I couldn’t justify it when I already have so many button ups. It looks cute on you though!


    • Ha! Remember those scented markers that smelled like various fruits (and licorice too)? I think there was one that was kind of the color you’re talking about. Random flashback to 1995.


  3. thanks for joining our link up again today, caroline! i’m glad i wasn’t the only one who needed the word “paloma” defined. i often find that i need certain pieces of my wardrobe to interact too in the way you added black shoes with the black jacket so there were two pieces in your outfit that were the same color. in my eyes, i think that definitely worked here!


    • Yes, Heidi, that is exactly what I look for in my outfits too–I need at least two items to match to make the look feel cohesive. I’m glad to hear that this one wasn’t too “eclectic” looking!


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  5. Oooh, that top is so great. I had it in my cart for a while, but was waiting until I had other things to add so I could get free shipping…and by the time I finally had enough in my cart, the top was sold out!! Oh well, I’ll just keep coming back to see how cute you look in yours!! 🙂


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