When I saw that today’s theme for the Spring Pantone Color Challenge was “freesia,” I immediately thought of the Bath + Body Works fragrance. Any fellow ’90s kids know what I’m talking about? It was the purple one 🙂

Anyway, contrary to what I assumed, freesia in this case is referring to a lovely, sunny shade of yellow. I have a pair of shorts that more precisely match the color, but those aren’t exactly work-appropriate. So instead, I centered the outfit around my mustard-y cardigan.



I tend to pair navy with this cardigan, so I decided to try a different neutral this time–black.



I added the gold watch for a little glam…and also because I had to make sure I left the hospital in time to get to class!



mustard cardigan {H+M}, $15 similar

black + white striped tee {Old Navy}, $4 similar

black dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $18 similar

leopard pumps {Target}, $15 similar

gold boyfriend watch {Charlotte Russe}, hand-me-down similar

How would you wear freesia?

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11 thoughts on “freesia

  1. yellow is such a friendly color, and it looks great on you! thanks for joining us fin wearing freesia today, even if it wasn’t the purple shade that any of us were expecting. 🙂


    • I used to be afraid to wear yellow out of fear that it would clash with my skin tone, so that makes me happy to hear you say that it looks alright on me! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Oohhh I really liked this outfit as I scrolled down (stripes + yellow + black–YES) and then I saw the pop of leopard in the shoes and I was in LOVE. This look is perfect and so fitting for a number of occasions! Thanks so much for joining us this week, Caroline. It’s been wonderful checking out your looks.


  3. Bahaha, I totally thought of the Bath & Body Works “Freesia” when I saw the colors for Marissa and Heidi’s challenge!! Definitely a 90s girl at heart…but I was more of a “Plumeria” or “Cucumber Melon” kind of girl, hahaha! 🙂


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