pink stripes + pearls

Over the past several weeks, I’ve gotten in the habit of planning my outfits just like I plan my menus–that is, I dedicate a little chunk of time every weekend to brainstorm. Lately, I’ve been getting inspiration for both my meals and my outfits from Pinterest. Today’s look was no exception in that I pretty much copied this pin from Steph’s blog. (And for the record, tonight’s meal inspiration came from this pin).



I worked in the hospital kitchen again today, so obviously, I did not wear this outfit to work! I was off duty by 3PM, however, so I changed into this for the remainder of the day.



While I love this twisted pearl necklace, I do not love its length–I wish it were an inch or two longer. Any suggestions for how to remedy this problem?



The lace detail of this skirt is always difficult to see in pictures, so here’s a closer look.



pink + white stripe popover {Old Navy Outlet}, $25

navy lace skirt {Target}, $9 similar

nude pumps {Target}, $30

twisted pearl necklace {Jane}, $15 similar

How often do you use Pinterest for outfit inspiration?


5 thoughts on “pink stripes + pearls

  1. I aw this on instagram and thought it was so cute! I just love that popover! And I think there are places that sell necklace lengtheners, but I often use a bracelet to lengthen it in the back.


  2. Holy cow, Caroline, that lace skirt is absolutely beautiful!!! I haven’t worn my navy skirt yet this spring, and I have a couple of new light pink shirts that would look great with it – thanks for the reminder that pink and navy are so great together!


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