green gingham

As you all are probably aware by now, I really love all things gingham. I recently acquired a green gingham button-up from Twice*, and I was really excited when it arrived. It wasn’t until I tried it on that I realized that it was a “tall” size and also quite big + boxy, almost as if it were a men’s size. It was just $8, so I figured it wasn’t worth spending the money to send it back.



I attempted to “make it work” (thank you, Tim Gunn) today by belting it and pairing it with skinny jeans. I’m not totally dissatisfied with the final result, but I really think the shirt just needs to be altered. I do like that the longer length of the shirt covers my butt though 🙂



green gingham button-up {Gap via Twice*}, $8 similar

white straight jeans {Loft}, $36

cognac wedges {MIA via Poshmark**}, $20 similar

leopard belt {Target}, $16

How would you make this shirt work?

*If you make a purchase through this link, you’ll receive a $10 credit! I also receive a $10 credit for every purchase made through this referral link.

**If you sign up for Poshmark using code “BUJGC” we both get $5 credit!


6 thoughts on “green gingham

  1. You definitely made it work, but I bet it would be even more versatile and you’d feel more comfortable if you took the sides in a little bit. I love the color, though, and the addition of leopard was a great choice! 🙂


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