pink, gray, + pearls

Whew! Today was really busy for me–I saw a total of thirteen patients! That’s definitely a personal record (can you have PRs for nutrition counseling?). I’m glad I chose to wear a comfortable and breezy dress for such a long day.



It’s been several months since the last time I wore a skirt or dress to work, mostly because I never knew what to expect in terms of whether I’d be sitting (counseling) or bending + lifting (food service). These last few weeks, however, I’ll be counseling at the public health department, so I knew a skirt would be safe!



This dress was actually a thrift find a while back. I really like its abstract animal print/watercolor pattern–it pairs really well with pastels (and pearls!).



gray pattern dress {thrifted Loft}, $3 similar

coral cardigan {J.Crew via Poshmark*}, $6

nude wedges {CL by Laundry via eBay}, $30

twisted pearl necklace {Jane}, $15 similar

How often do you wear skirts and dresses to work?


*If you sign up for Poshmark and use code “BUJGC” we both get $5 credit!


7 thoughts on “pink, gray, + pearls

  1. phew, that is a lot of client visits in one day! but i also agree, this dress is great – i love the unique pattern to it! i hope you have some less busy days coming your way!


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