blue gingham + olive

I’ve developed a habit of dressing more casually on Wednesdays recently, mostly because I spend half of the day in clinic and half of the day in class. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a little awkward sitting in class in my dress pants and cardigans or –gasp!–a dress when all of my classmates are in shorts and flip-flops. I guess I should care less about blending in, but until I do, I’ll be continuing with “Casual Wednesdays.”



Today I decided to pair blue gingham with olive–a combination I’ve never tried before.



I accessorized with just a gold necklace.



light blue gingham button-up {thrifted Old Navy}, $2 similar

olive pants {Wal-Mart}, $11

cognac wedges {MIA via Poshmark}, $20 similar

gold tassel necklace {Forever 21}, $8 similar

What color combinations have tried for the first time recently?



5 thoughts on “blue gingham + olive

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