pink plaid

I am inching ever closer to the end of my internship now–just five more days of counseling! I am excited about that, not only because it’s, ya know, a milestone in my career, but also because I am ready to start making use of my summer wardrobe. I have a vast collection of shorts and sundresses that are not getting used because they don’t fit into my current work setting, and that makes me sad. Soon enough though, I’ll be showing you all outfits with a more casual, summer-y vibe instead of my usual dress pants and button-ups!



Today’s outfit isn’t all that special, but I was marginally excited about it because it was my first time wearing this new (to me) shirt from ThredUp*. I think I’ll have fun layering with it in the cooler months.



I tend to wear just one or two pieces of jewelry at a time, so wearing two bracelets, a watch, and earrings was out of the ordinary for me. Maybe someday I’ll get a little more adventurous with my accessory choices…



pink plaid button-up {Target via ThredUp*}, $6 (store credit) similar

black dress pants {Banana Republic Factory}, $18 similar

black patent leather wedges {CL by Laundry via DSW}, $35

gold boyfriend watch {Charlotte Russe}, hand-me-down similar

pearl stud earrings, gift similar

pearl bracelets, gift similar

What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

By clicking the ThredUp link provided, you’ll get $10 off your first order! I will also receive a $10 credit for every purchase made through that link. 



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