remix it: the black + white striped tee

I’ve been toying with the idea of making Wednesdays some sort of a theme day here on Tasteful Style. One possibility is making this day a “remix it” day in which I (or potentially “we” if you all would be interested in linking up) share how to style one piece several ways. I don’t know about you, but I always love seeing those types of posts on others’ blogs!

So for the guinea pig remix: the humble black + white striped tee. It’s a pretty basic piece, but the possibilities for styling it are pretty much infinite. As you’ll see here, I stick to pairing it with some sort of black pants (whether they be trousers, boot-cut, or skinny jeans) and a fun cardigan.



1 / 2 /

4 /5 /

black + white striped tee options: Old Navy / Jones New York / French Connection

How would you wear a tee like this one?

Should I continue with “remix it” Wednesdays?



10 thoughts on “remix it: the black + white striped tee

    • Yes, definitely–I like seeing how I can make one piece look completely different. Maybe someday that will get me to stop buying so much clothing? Maybe…but not likely.


  1. Oooh, isn’t a black and white striped tee perfect?! I love pairing mine with all different colored cardigans as well 🙂 I definitely would be interested in seeing more of these posts…and linking up, should you ever decide to open it up to others! Remixing is my favorite!! 🙂


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