June 2014 Budget

June’s purchases ended up being unintentionally nautical–I seemed to buy everything in red, white, or blue! I think they’re all pretty classic pieces that will prove to be versatile.

  1. white denim jacket: $15, Old Navy via Poshmark*
  2. navy + white stripe knit blazer: $13, Cynthia Rowley via Poshmark*, seen here
  3. red blazer: $9, Gap via Twice**
  4. red chino shorts: $20, Loft Outlet
  5. gray chino shorts: $20, Loft Outlet
  6. white full skirt: $18, Carlisle via Poshmark*
  7. metallic sandals: $22, Shoe Carnival, seen here
  8. navy + white striped skirt: $35, Poppy + Dot, seen here

*If you sign up for Poshmark and use code “BUJGC” we both get $5 credit!

**If you make a purchase through this link, you’ll receive a $10 credit! I also receive a $10 credit for every purchase made through this referral link.




The total for all eight items was about $152, which is pretty much on target for my budget. I’m considering increasing my monthly budget to $200 due to a recent (significant) salary increase in our household…we’ll see though.

The item I am most excited about is the navy and white skirt, as I’ve been looking for something like it for a while now. I was so delighted to find it that I may have overpaid for it, particularly considering I just saw it featured on Jane today for $13 less. Oh, well!

The best buy was probably the red blazer. I purchased it through Twice** and applied a $10 credit so that I ended up with a brand new (with tags) Gap blazer for $9. The best part is that it has elbow patches! I’m a little sad that I have to wait until fall to wear it.

What did you buy in June?

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19 thoughts on “June 2014 Budget

  1. Congrats on the salary increase! That’s great news. My items all had a theme too. I think it makes it easier to mix and match. That skirt is adorable too!


    • Thanks, Meghan! I feel much better about buying things when I know I can mix and match them several different ways. Thanks for stopping by too–I just visited your blog and will be following 🙂


    • Thanks, Brynn! I am on a full skirt kick after realizing that perhaps pencil skirts aren’t the most flattering on me. I’m looking forward to styling both of these!


  2. Wow! You got great stuff for such low prices! You’ve totally inspired me. I also signed up for Twice…I’d never heard of it 🙂


  3. i really love everything you purchased this month — those skirts are just both so cute! that is a bummer you’ve found a similar one for a better deal though, that always frustrates me too.


  4. I love that all your items are so cohesive – you really know your style! That red blazer is too great – and I bet you could even wear it now with white shorts and a tank, like all those stylish blazer-wearing ladies on the pinterest!


    • I actually thought about pairing the blazer with shorts too. It would be cute in any other climate, but down here in Alabama, I think I would just be sweating all day. #notcute


  5. I love that it’s so nautical! It means you can mix and match so many of your new pieces, but then can also mix them in with things you already own. Can’t wait to see how you wear all of them!


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