green + white stripes

Alternative title: doublemint. The combination of bold green and white stripes in this dress makes me think of Doublemint gum. Not a bad connotation, considering I happen to enjoy minty gum very much.



I decided to wear the Doublemint dress (as it shall henceforth be called) with a white blazer to add some structure (a tip I picked up from Audrey). On one hand, I like this white blazer as a light summer layering piece…but on the other hand, it strikes me as too similar to a lab coat. Thoughts?



green + white striped maxi dress {Lotus Boutique}, $15 (giftcarded)

white blazer {K-Mart}, $12 similar

white wedge sandals {Kohl’s}, $25

gold watch {Charlotte Russe}, hand-me-down similar

How would you wear a striped maxi dress?


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