navy stripes + coral ruffles

Now that my summer is coming to an end, I feel the need to wear all of my summer clothes in these last few days. Although it will continue to be plenty hot for another month or so around here, shorts and sleeveless tops aren’t necessarily the most appropriate for either attending class or conducting research. So that’s why you’ll see me wearing a lot of my “fun” clothes for the next couple of days!


This outfit is pretty girly for me–a flouncy skirt and ruffles?!–but I felt that this blouse needed to get at least one wear this summer. Maybe a navy pencil skirt would have been a better choice for the sake of balance?



coral ruffle-neck blouse {J.Crew via ThredUp*}, $10 (store credit) similar

navy + white stripe skirt {Poppy + Dot}, $35 similar

white wedge sandals {Chaps via Kohl’s}, $25

white + gold bangle {Charming Charlie}, $4 similar

How would you wear a blouse like this one?

*By clicking the ThredUp link provided, you’ll get $10 off your first order! I will also receive a $10 credit for every purchase made through that link. 


6 thoughts on “navy stripes + coral ruffles

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