September 2014 Budget

September brought a new routine for me with classes and such, but somehow I still carved out time for blogging, and, most pertinent to this post, shopping. The majority of my spending went toward tops, but a few accessories still made it into the budget as well.





1 + 2. pink and cobalt striped boatneck tops {Old Navy} $7 each I’ll admit it–these were impulse purchases. They were on sale for just $7, and let’s face it, I wear the crap out of my striped boatneck tees. I have no doubt that these will get good wear as layering pieces this fall and winter.

3. navy + white sequined tee {Loft via Twice} $13 I’m kind of on a sparkly kick these days, so when Twice had an extra 40% off sale for Labor Day, I decided to try out this sequined top. Its color scheme fits right in with my wardrobe. I’m envisioning wearing it underneath a blazer!

4. black + gold sequined tee {Loft via Twice} $8 My rationale for this purchase is pretty much the same as #3. I think this one will be better for the holiday season though. Wouldn’t it be pretty with a pencil skirt, tights, and bright heels?

5. blue pinstripe button-up with ruffle collar {J.Crew via Twice} $8 Some of my Instagram followers might recall that I’ve been hunting for last fall’s bejeweled ruffle collar blouse (from Elle at Kohl’s). Well, I never found one in my size so I settled for this J.Crew version, sans bling. I think this button-up will end up being more versatile.

6. black + white animal print cardigan {Merona via Target} $17 seen here Cardigans are probably the most worn items in my closet, so having a black + white patterned one in the mix seemed like a good idea.

7. emerald + navy pleated blouse {J.Crew Factory} $30 I’ve actually been searching for a green and navy blouse for over a year now, but this one is the first one that met all my criteria. It’s normally $78, so I was pretty excited to see it go on sale a few weeks ago.

8. black + white polka dot dress {Lauren Ralph Lauren via eBay} $19 So I’ve had a black + white polka dot dress for a while now, but I never wore it. Why? It was too short to wear to class/work. Accordingly, I am now selling the old one (check it out here; join Poshmark with code BUJGC and get $5 credit), and I bought this much more work-appropriate version.

9. pink corduroys {Loft via Twice} $11 When I ordered these from Twice, I thought they were just pink jeans, but when they arrived, they were actually lightweight cords. At first, I wanted to return them…but then they kinda grew on me. Plus, they’re in my favorite cut (Loft’s modern straight), so they fit me perfectly.

10. neon pink belt {Merona via Target} $12 I’m not bold enough for an entire neon top or dress, but I am willing to add a pop of neon with a belt.

11. gold belt {Merona via Target} $12 seen here Gold is fast becoming one of my favorite neutrals, so I knew I would get good use out of a gold accessory like this one.

12. red wedge pumps {CL by Laundry via DSW} $30 Alright, so this is now my fourth pair of these CL by Laundry wedges. Excessive? Perhaps, but I must say, they are THE PERFECT work shoe. They’re incredibly comfortable, but they add a little height with the modest wedge. They also come in so many great colors! Currently, I have them in black, nude, leopard, and now red.

September total: $175

2014 total: $1442

Remaining budget: $558

I’m pretty pleased with my purchases this month, although I haven’t gotten a chance to wear many of them yet. If fall ever arrives, I’m looking forward to layering with a few of those tees and that ruffle collar button-up! I’ll continue to work on selling several items on eBay/Poshmark in an effort to start saving for the holiday season.

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18 thoughts on “September 2014 Budget

  1. oh, i just love everything you purchased this month! i had my eye on #7, that blouse from JCF, which is not surprising since i made 2 online purchases there this month. i can’t wait to see how you wear it and maybe keep it in mind if it goes down any more in price. i don’t seem to have many long-sleeve blouses (non button-downs) in my closet, so i was really drawn to that blouse for that reason. i have a pair of the “nima” wedges from CL that i love too!


    • It has been so hot that I haven’t had a chance to wear the JCF top yet, but once it cools down a bit, I’m imagining wearing it with some navy pants and boots or perhaps my navy pencil skirt and tights. Stay tuned!


    • I would have preferred the Loft top with the skinnier stripes, but I think this one with the wider stripes will do just fine for my closet. We’ll see how versatile it will be!


  2. You are a thrift master! I love the sparkles, and will be ready to wear mine come November. It’s great that you found a shoe you love and that it keeps coming out in more colors!


  3. Ooh, you got some great things this month, Caroline! I really like the tops you got, especially 🙂 I’ve never been drawn to boatneck tops (for whatever irrational reason, I’m always afraid my bra straps are going to show, haha) but I love the two Old Navy tops you got this month!!


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