punk floral + pink

The older I get, the more it seems that I don’t care about alleged fashion “rules.” In high school, I remember obsessing over the fact that my black backpack completely clashed with my favorite brown corduroy pants. These days, I would hardly call myself a fashion rebel, but I certainly have no qualms about wearing white after Labor Day or, most pertinent to this post, florals in the fall.


I like this top too much to save it for spring and summer, so I fall-ified it today by wearing it with a coordinating pink blazer. Forget the rules, I wear what I want!



punk floral top {J.Crew Factory}, $18 similar

pink blazer {Merona via Target}, hand-me-down similar

black ankle pants {Wal-Mart}, $15 similar

black patent leather wedges {CL by Laundry via DSW}, $35

faux pearl stud earrings {Charlotte Russe}, part of a $5 set similar

Do you obey by any fashion “rules?”


8 thoughts on “punk floral + pink

  1. I used to care about rules, but not so much as of late. I think the floral on your top is the kind you can wear year-round, but especially under the blazer, we only get a sneak peek of it and it’s not Floral in your Face! .. if that makes any sense


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