navy + coral stripes

Before beginning my internship last fall, my mom was kind enough to take me shopping to get a few professional pieces of clothing. One of the items was this striped sweater, and I think it’s what started my infatuation with navy. It’s no secret that navy is my favorite neutral, and I particularly love it with coral (and green, and mustard, and white…). Most of the time I wear it with jeans on the weekends (which is why you haven’t seen much of it since its blog debut). This time around I decided to try wearing it with a pencil skirt.


I’m fairly certain that I’ve never worn a pullover sweater with a pencil skirt before today. I tried tucking the sweater into the skirt, but the extra bulk + very form-fitting skirt didn’t make for a very flattering combination. On another note, I apologize for the weird lighting in my photos lately–the changing seasons are making the timing of my photo-taking more difficult!




coral + navy striped sweater {Gap Factory}, gift similar

navy pencil skirt {Merona via Target}, $16 similar

nude pumps {Mossimo via Target}, $30

coral bead necklace {Jane}, $6 similar

Have you ever tried wearing a sweater with a pencil skirt?


4 thoughts on “navy + coral stripes

  1. Maybe I’m weird…but I often wear pencil skirts with sweaters in the winter! Some of them look a little bulkier than others, but warmth wins over looks sometimes!


  2. I’ve worn thin sweaters with pencil skirts before, and I’ve only ever tucked in the thinner sweaters. Thicker sweaters will either get left out or get shame tucked. Don’t you just love shopping with the mother? It’s something I hated as a teen, but learned to love as I got older.


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