October 2014 Budget

In looking at my purchases from this past month, it’s pretty clear that I’m gearing up for fall and winter–everything I bought it is relatively neutral in color and kind of coordinates in a way. I had some trouble finding exact pictures of the items I purchased this month, so I’ve included several look-alikes in the collages below.



1. herringbone puffer vest {J.Crew Factory} $33 with gift card Remember several weeks ago when I had pretty much ruled out using my J.Crew gift card for this vest? Well, I changed my mind. Really, the tipping point is when I happened to notice that my size had been re-stocked online. So, yes, I’ve hopped on the herringbone vest bandwagon.

2. ivory puffer vest {Old Navy} $26 Yes, I bought two puffer vests in one month. In my defense, puffer vests really are perfect for winters in the Southeast–you really don’t need a heavy coat on most days, so I feel pretty confident that both will get good use. On another note, I originally bought this vest in the “Fan the Flames” color, but it ended up being too orange for my taste. I think the ivory will lend itself nicely to cognac, olive, and other warm neutrals.

3. camo tee {J.Crew Factory} $22 Two years ago, I probably never would have imagined wearing a camo tee, but I’ve grown to love olive so much that I figured it was a trend worth trying. I still don’t think I’ll be wearing this top to work, but it might be fun for a weekend look.

4. muted leopard print tee {Banana Republic Factory} $15 seen here If you’ve never tried Banana Republic’s LuxeTouch tees, you should. They’re so incredibly soft and comfy! When I saw them on sale at my local Factory store, I couldn’t resist buying this subtle animal print one.

5. plaid flannel shirt {Faded Glory via Wal-Mart} $15 I’ve been wanting to expand my collection of plaid pieces lately, but I’m not one to spend $60 on a shirt. So when I saw this one at Wal-Mart for just under $15, I thought I’d give it a chance. As it turns out, it looks quite nice with my ivory vest and jeans. Stay tuned for a post featuring them!

6. gray marled top {Old Navy} $13 In my longtime infatuation with navy, I’ve inadvertently neglected a lot of the other neutrals in my closet. I realized recently that I don’t have much in the way of gray, so I bought this really, really comfortable top. It also runs really, really big, so I’m not sure if I’ll wear this one much on the blog, but suffice it to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed lounging in it on several occasions already.

7. navy + white two-pocket blouse {NY + Company} $12 seen here New York + Company was having one of their 80% off sales a few weeks ago, so I stopped in on my way to Target. I stumbled upon this top (no longer online) that is a very close look-alike to an H+M top I’ve wanted for a while. I think it’ll do just fine!

8. navy ponte dress {Merona via Target} $20 seen here I mentioned my drawn-out quest for a navy dress in a previous post, but I’ll just reiterate that I’m happy to have found one at last. I can’t wait to wear it a million different ways!

9. burgundy satchel {Forever 21} $33 seen here I’m on a bit of a burgundy/wine/maroon/berry kick these days, and that’s pretty much the impetus for this purchase. I always need spacious bags to take to work/class. This one definitely looks more expensive that it is, in my opinion!

10. green disc necklace {Purple Peridot} $10 In addition to my recent love for burgundy, I’m also quite liking hunter green. I didn’t have any green jewelry, so I added this pretty necklace to my collection. I’m thinking it will get good use this holiday season!

October total: $198

2014 total: $1640

Remaining budget: $360

I spent a bit more than usual this month, but I don’t regret any of my purchases–all of them will be well-loved, I am sure. I’ve already worn most of them, so that’s always a good sign! That being said, I’ll be reining it in a bit more in November and December to stay within my annual budget.

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15 thoughts on “October 2014 Budget

  1. I think my first winter wearing real clothes (and not just sweatshirts), I spent a boat load on my haul. I feel like winter clothing is generally just much more expensive than summer clothing. But anyway, you got some great deals and I think you’ll be able to get a lot of use from all of these pieces!


  2. This looks like the beginnings of a capsule wardrobe, haha! I especially love that dress you got – ponte dresses (or anything ponte, really) are my jam these days. And I’m jealous you got the herringbone vest! I can’t afford one, nor does my body look good in puffy vests, so I’ll just admire yours 🙂


    • Well, I should point out that only certain times of vests look OK on me–the really puffy ones (you know, that actually provide warmth) look terrible on me. But these quilted ones are pretty thin, so I think I can swing it.


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