remix it: the mustard cardigan

It’s been quite a while since my last remix it post–sorry about that! I’m planning on making it a monthly feature. You can look for it on the first Wednesday of every month from now on!

So for this installment, I’ll be showing you a few ways I’ve worn my mustard cardigan. Up until relatively recently, I refused to wear any shade of yellow. Somewhere along the way, I had gotten the idea that yellow would look terrible on my skin tone, so I avoided it like the plague, no matter how pretty I thought it looked on others. As it turns out, I think mustard yellow can be quite an appealing shade on fair brunettes such as myself.

the mustard cardigan

1 / 2 / 3 / 4





mustard cardigan options: Loft {crew neck}, JCPenney {shawl collar}, Bon-Ton {flyaway}

I think the reason I’ve gotten such good use out of this cardigan is that mustard really coordinates with any color. In these looks alone, I’ve paired it with pretty much every neutral: chocolate brown, navy, gray, black, white…and leopard. That counts as a neutral, right?

How would you wear a mustard cardigan?


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