stripes + sparkle

Several weeks ago, you might recall that I won a J.Crew gift card, an occasion for which I assembled a J.Crew Wishlist. In the end, I bought the herringbone vest, but I still kept eyeing this jewel collar top. Fast forward to last week, and my husband surprised me with a look-alike top as an early anniversary gift. I actually like this top better than the J.Crew version, as it has black stripes rather than navy.


I decided to style the top in a casual look for its first wear. I have to admit, I had the hardest time figuring out how to wear my booties–do I tuck in the jeans, wear them over the boots, or what? I settled on rolling the bottoms of the jeans, but I’ll have to come up with something else when it’s too cold for such things…


A little close-up of my built-in bling!



jewel collar top {Crown + Ivy}, gift similar

olive utility jacket {Kiki La’Rue}, c/o

dark wash straight jeans {Loft Outlet}, $24 similar

black booties {Forever 21}, $27

How do you wear your booties?


13 thoughts on “stripes + sparkle

  1. I like to wear my booties under my boot cut jeans, but I like to roll/fold my skinnies. I personally don’t like tucking jeans into ankle booties, but that’s just me. It’s super sweet of your husband to surprise you, and this is a great top!


  2. Great look 🙂 I once scored brand new tags still on J.Crew pants at a Goodwill for $3 and can’t wait to get them out for fall wear. I am now following your blog. I wanted to invite you to my weekly link up called “Bloggers Who have Inspired Me” which went live today. Each week I feature my favorite 5 links. Yours could be one of them. Would love to have you come by or link up. Rachel xo


  3. your husband has good taste to gift you that shirt, i love it! maybe i need to invest in some tops with built-in bling, too. i love the way you’ve worn your jeans here with your booties, i mostly just wear booties with tights but i like being reminded by others of how cute they can look with jeans!


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